Computing and ICT

are the new literacy

Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are now part of the educational experience of children and teenagers in most parts of the world. Taught as a separate subject, as well as being embedded within the curriculum, Computing and ICT is increasingly regarded as a new literacy, alongside reading, writing and numeracy.

Computing Central

Computing Central provides curriculum and blended learning solutions for teaching essential digital skills, ICT and coding to students of all ages. Computing Central is a division of English Central and is the exclusive distributor of Binary Logic products in the US and Canada.

36 years

working with technology in schools

Serving the learning community
Binary Logic has been working actively with schools, universities and Ministries of Education around the world since 1982 and is well known for the quality of its educational resources and services. The company belongs to the MM International Group which was founded in 1974 and since then it has been dedicated to excellence in education. The founders of Binary Logic are educators who decided to incorporate technology early on as they saw the need for innovative ways and methods to enrich students’ learning experience. With Belt Study System and Belt Online, we’ve made English language learning practical, flexible and fun through learning experiences that are interactive and tailored to students’ specific needs. In today’s everchanging society, we are focusing on the subject of Computing and ICT in schools. Through our innovative curriculum and academic support we have become a worldwide leader.
Our experience in school environments
We design complete solutions for real classroom conditions. The students’ needs determine the form of our educational material and with our extensive experience in educational technology we are well positioned to meet the challenges in a wide variety of school environments. There are thousands of schools and universities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America using educational solutions created by Binary Logic.

Local education with global standards

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